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James Reynolds

02 August 2021

Whether it’s a finishing flourish or the centrepiece of what you’re wearing, what’s on your feet matters. When it comes to looking your best, nobody puts a spring in your step like FootJoy.

UltraFit SL shoes completing an outfit
FJ UltraFit SL shoes completing an outfit

If you’re a fashion-conscious golfer, you might’ve noticed a growing trend towards athletic, dynamic-looking shoes. Sometimes that’s a trainer-style look, sometimes it’s just a modern twist on a smart style and the best designers can strike a beautiful balance of both.

The fashion shackles are off...

That’s exactly what FootJoy’s UltraFit SL shoes do. These shoes look trendy and exciting, but the detailing delivers a smart, suave style at the same time. The fashion shackles are off, so make the most of it!

Another trend you might’ve noticed is the more smart-casual shoes out on the course. FootJoy’s FJ Flex shoes are a perfect example of this as they transition incredibly smoothly from the course to the high-street and look the part on both.

FootJoy Flex golf shoes
FootJoy Flex golf shoes

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